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The programme serves to prepare a child for his school years, with sessions for children of different age groups. Tasks are assigned according to the capabilities of each age group, which also allows children of the same age to socialise. Sessions are 45-minutes, once a week, and run at 500 centres in the United Kingdom.

Gymbabes (six months to walking)

The Gymbabes programme offers babies an opportunity to socialise in an environment that enables their natural abilities of exploring, crawling…etc to flourish.  The programme involves parents, who with guidance, help stimulate and encourage babies to use all their senses gently and without pressure.

Tumble Tots – walking to two-years

A class for children who have started to walk confidently, parents now turn their attention to encouraging their child to climb, jump, roll and other elementary physical activity which will stimulate their body awareness.

Tumble Tots – two to three years

Sessions are based around “activity stations” which form the basis for various task sequences designed to enable children to develop their sense of balance, co-ordination and agility.

Tumble Tots – three years to school age

Class leaders focus on setting more challenging task sequences for building a child’s co-ordination, ball skills, body awareness and controlled body movements. Collectively, a combination of activity features further develops children’s confidence and social abilities.

Gymbobs – school age to seven years

These are for Tumble Tots graduates or children of school going age. Gymbobs offer children more challenging tasks. Gymbobs also learn to develop physical skills without using equipment and are introduced to the concept of teamwork and relays.


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