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At Tuition Academy we understand that every child matters - from our Primary Support classes, through the 11+, SATS, KS3 and GCSE and especially on to A Levels, we understand that children face many challenges during their educational career.

Our small classes (average of just 8 students) are taught by experienced, specialist teachers who have a real passion for their chosen subjects.

By engaging with their students as a group and individually, our teachers are able to create an extremely effective and enjoyable back to basics learning environment which is adapted to suit the needs and learning objectives of the students. 

We Don't Coach, We EDUCATE!

Our classes help to boost our students confidence and academic knowledge as we reinforce the fundamental building blocks of their education. From Maths tutoring to English and Science tutoring, our dedicated staff are on hand to help our students achieve their potential. 


  • Superb standard of education across a range of subjects 
  • Small classes taught by specialist teachers
  • Specialist teaching assistants
  • Average teacher student ratio of just 1:4 
  • All Staff are CRB Checked
  • 11+ Grammar Preparation
  • SATs Preparation
  • Key Stage 1 to 3 English, Maths & Science
  • GCSE English Maths & Combined Science
  • Chemistry, Physics and Biology
  • AS and A2 classes
  • Exam revision and preparation 
  • Classes through the school holidays


Key Contact Details

Key Contact
Simon AtMedway

01634 714449



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