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Classes & Complementary Therapies for children and adults of all ages

The Tree of Life Centre is available to help every member of the family enjoy healthier and happier lives through a wide range of classes and complementary therapies:

Childrens Classes

The choice includes Kids Yoga with Jess, Primary Ballet with Vicky, Kids Fitness with Gemma/Suneth, and Relax Kids with Laurie who love helping children to have fun whilst learning valuable skills for life;

Express treatments

While you wait - enjoy 45-minutes of massage or reflexology for £35 whilst you wait for one of the kids classes (pre-booking is usually required), or help yourself to refreshments in reception; 

Adults Classes

Our studio timetable includes approx 30 weekly classes covering everything from yoga and pilates through to bellydancing, dance and more;

Childrens Health

We pride ourselves on bringing together an outstanding team of health practitioners who specialise in helping babies, children and their parents including: 

Cranial Osteopathy

Lucy Morris & Gaynor Roberts have both completed extensive post-graduate training in paediatric osteopathy and help many local babies & pregnant Mums each year 

Food intolerance testing & nutrition:

Nathalie Sansonetti provides a dedicated testing and advice service for toddlers, children & feeding Mums

Homeopathy and herbal medicine:

Sara Rooney and Gaynor Roberts provide help with issues from coughs, colds and the immune system through to complex childhood conditions  


Bradley Carr uses a highly specialist approach called Shonishin to stimulate the acupuncture using large rounded needles that do not cause discomfort or break the skin

Private GP:

Dr Richard Fuller can help provide extra advice and support on a wide range of issues affecting children

Talking therapies:

A full service of talking therapies is available ranging from counselling, hypnotherapy, CBT and psychotherapy with a caring and professional team

Pregnancy & Early days support:

From hypnobirthing classes, pregnancy yoga, baby massage classes, acupuncture, massage, osteopathy, doula services and homeopathy, we help many Mums to prepare for birth and can provide ongoing support beyond.


we have a dedicated fertility team who are available to talk through the best options for supporting natural conception and / or maximising the success of IVF and other procedures

Adults health 

we are here to help with issues ranging from back pain & injuries, IBS, migraines, depression and anxiety, OCD, food intolerances through to complex and chronic conditions of many kinds 

Please contact us any time for information or advice on 01273 220159 /




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