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Tots Play offers unique, multi-activity play classes, parties and resources for babies and toddlers, where yoga, music, massage, sign language and sensory exploration are combined with cuddles, bubbles, smiles and even more fun!

The programme will give you the confidence and inspiration to play, connect and enjoy special time with your little one in ways which will also enhance their development, with lots of ideas to try at home too.

Tots Baby Development Course - 0-6 months

This course is designed especially for our youngest babies, and provides new parents with a range of skills and activity ideas to give your baby a head start in life. Running over six weeks the course includes;

  • Baby Massage– a simple routine to help you calm, connect and communicate with your baby. Includes specific strokes to help relieve colic and digestive problems.
  • Baby Yoga– stretches, poses and movements to both stimulate and soothe baby, and a great way to have fun together.
  • Baby Sign Language– how to start using signs to aid communication with your baby.
  • Effective Ways To Use Songs and Rhymes– introducing the benefits of music and movement.
  • Play Activities to BoostSensory and Body Awareness– using a variety of everyday items to aid learning.
  • Tummy Time Techniques– why tummy time is important and how to make it more effective and fun.
  • Cuddles, Smiles, Bubbles and Lots of Fun!

To ensure you get the most out of the course you will receive a full colour workbook, giving details of all the techniques and activity ideas covered at each session, plus background information on each of the topics.

You will also receive a CD containing a selection of the songs used during the course and a bottle of massage oil so that you can practice both massage and yoga at home with your little one, and get other family members involved.

The course is also a great way to meet other mums and babies, and sets the foundation for the ongoing Tots Play Baby and Toddler Play Programme.

Discovery Tots - 8 weeks to Crawling

Here, we introduce a whole range of activities and techniques to help you and your baby get more out of your play times in ways that are not only beneficial for baby’s development, but also lots of fun. Each class consists of a number of activities including:

  • Baby Yoga, Movement and Music: Combining stretches, postures and movement to provide stimulation for baby’s body and mind, yoga based movement is a great way to connect and have fun together. Nursery rhymes and simple action songs help to add to the enjoyment and further stimulate the senses. Music also helps to introduce rhythm and rhyme to your baby, an important part of speech development.
  • Multi Sensory Play: Watch your baby’s delight as we play with a wide variety of fun objects, from ribbons to rice, lights to lemons, bubbles to beach balls and lots more, allowing your baby to use all his or her senses to explore the world.
  • Baby Sign Language: Babies have the desire to communicate with you long before they develop the ability to speak, and learning to use sign language is one way in which they can let you know what is on their mind from just a few months old. We will introduce a few simple signs which you and your baby can use to communicate with each other.

Each week brings something new, while including elements that are repeated, which your baby will come to recognise and respond to.

Social Tots - 8 months - 3 Years

With a range of activities on offer at each session, classes help build sensory awareness, encourage movement and build physical and cognitive skills. Each child’s personality is encouraged to shine through, as we bring out their love of play and exploration in ways which will stimulate the development of little bodies and minds.

During the 40 minute weekly class, crawlers, early walkers and toddlers will benefit from a structured, but fast paced play environment which builds confidence and concentration, while still allowing plenty of opportunity for them to develop their own creativity, independence and early social skills.  Classes include

  • Movement Activities: our developmental movement activities continue to be insired by yoga,but adapted for older babies and toddlers, who will now be able to do some of the movements independently. Benefits of the more dynamic stretches, postures and actions include building strength, co-ordination and gross motor skills as well as providing stimulation for your child's senses and whole body.
  • Circle Time: Simple structured activities and songs, including parachute games and bubbles to encourage interaction with other children, explore different concepts, develop early social skills – and to have fun!
  • Multi Sensory Play and Exploration: Social Tots love to explore the wide range of sensory play items we bring along each week, and as tunnels, hoops, balls and all sorts of other play equipment are introduced, they get to practise their physical and creative skills too.
  • Baby Sign Language: Using songs, rhymes and instruments, we learn and practice simple signs and gestures that will help give your baby the means to communicate before and as language emerges.








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