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We are based in a private swimming school based in Bedhampton. Unlike many swim schools we don't hire out different venues -  all our lessons operate from the private indoor heated pool based at my family home. We have full adequate parking facilities and changing facilities and a spectators area. 

Our lessons are intensive and progression is achieved fast. Our lessons also operate in small groups of a maximum of only 5 pupils in a class and we only ever have one class in the pool at a time so disruption is kept to a minimum. The fully qualified and fully insured instructors are always in the water in every lesson.
All of our children from the age of 2 years are encouraged to be independent and happy to be in the water with just the instructor ,whilst parents are sat on pool side and can still view all teaching practice carried out within the lessons.

Our facilities are warm, clean and welcoming, and many of our clients are through recommendations. Our swimming pool water is checked and treated four times a day onsite, but we also volunteer our water samples to the local NHS QAH LAB for testing for peace of mind for us and clients and we always display test reports for clients to view.

We teach babies from birth underwater life saving skills through to older children who may need stroke technique development, all ages, all abilities, from nervous to confident, always welcome. 

We offer free trial lessons per child enquiry. In the event of wishing to book after your trial has been attended we request payment for a set of 6 lessons at the time of booking, payment methods are bank transfer or debit and credit cards.

Unlike many swim schools we offer a catchup system if you ever need to miss a lesson for whatever reason as long as you notify us about non attendance before your class time is due to start you will qualify for a catchup lesson - this needs to be taken on an alternative day and time to your normal swim time. we allow a period of 3 months for the catchup to be used and booked through the office.



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