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smARTies aims to fulfil the needs of both Parents, Carers and Schools through a range of different activity based programmes that focus on ART, Music and Drama. Based in Brighton and Hove, smARTies gives young people from the ages of 5 to 13 the opportunity to work with visiting actors, musicians and artists, all specialists in their area of interest.

We offer a variety of engaging ARTs influenced workshops based in local schools, during the school holidays. Children can take part in weekly classes in musical theatre, art and individual home music tuition smARTies offers schools various training and ARTs education that complement the school’s curriculum as well as after school and before school clubs that focus on the ARTs.

It is a well-known fact, repeated time after time that encouraging children to take part in creative activities is a healthy way to help their minds grow and learn not just intellectually but also physically. Every-time a child engages on a creative level by drawing, or painting, role-play or cutting and sticking, this set of activities is called creativity and will exercise his mind. When a child is allowed the freedom to be creative with art or drama or music they are doing something with their brain that will benefit them throughout childhood into adulthood.

Holiday Programmes

Our programmes are designed by qualified teachers who have the expertise and knowledge to plan differentiated, engaging and educating holiday programmes as well as weekly classes. They also have the experience and capability to deliver them in an enjoyable and creative way!

smARTies has a strong network and invites professional ARTists, actors, dancers and photographers both locally and from all over the country to come and work on the programmes. This gives the young people the opportunity to learn from experts who are working professionally in the arts.

Weekly Classes

We offer a series of eight Musical Theatre workshops that are spread over four months with the final goal of children taking part in a Musical Production. This gives each child the opportunity to work towards a large scale production without having to commit to a weekly programme. The series of workshop dates can be found by looking in our classes.

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