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About The Detective Project - Bristol

The Detective Project offers forensic science-based events that explore the way in which crime is investigated in the 21st Century. Our award winning events are based on real forensic investigation techniques and are great fun for children and adults alike.

CSI Kids parties (boys and girls 7 years plus)

The Detective Project agents challenge your children to investigate a crime scene in your own home or party venue. They work their way through a series of clues using the same forensic techniques as real detectives to solve the crime, hopefully in time for tea and cake!

MISpy Parties

MI Spy is a party theme for boys and girls aged 9+ that is set around a code-breaking challenge. Using their cunning and teamwork, they have to to unmask the baddie and save the country from an act of terrorism......... all in time for tea!

The spy challenge was written by an ex-spy and uses authentic code breaking, hi-tec gadgets and computer wizardry. The children really get into their role and the highlight is actually identifying and finding the criminal.......!!



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