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At Brighton Self Defence (BSD) we do not just punch and kick! We offer a unique and innovative approach to teaching Choi Kwang Do (CKD), combining this 25 year old martial art with a physically challenging, modern approach in a safe and friendly environment. If you have never tried a martial art, or maybe you practised years ago and want to start again, we are confident that we will be able to find a class which will suit your needs.

At BSD we offer a friendly space where newcomers and advanced students are welcome alongside Child, Teen and Family Friendly sessions.  Many of our students take part in age-appropriate classes once a week and then join the family session at the weekend. It is great to see children grading with their parents, and even sometimes overtaking them! We give families the tools for home practice too, it's a great way for the family to spend time together and work out. For teenagers and younger children, CKD is an excellent way to improve general fitness as well as focus and concentration.

We strive to ensure that our classes are fast paced and fun for our students. We not only focus on skills used in each belt grade and real practical self-defence techniques, but we teach all students, in particular the younger ones, skills for life including respect, leadership, focussed concentration and we seek to improve their self-confidence.

Juniors (5-10)

BSD gives children a positive way to bur nenergy and socialise with quality friends in a safe setting (remember BSD is non-competitive). It also keeps them away from the television!

Children’s Class

BSD promotes self-defence in a fun and safe environment. Students are encouraged to reach their goals with praise and positive reinforcement. They are shown respect for their efforts.
Our techniques are easy to learn and are not stressful on the body in any way. These are based on the large flowing movements unlike traditional martial arts which use ‘lock out’ techniques that can lead to injury and ill-health in later life. Sessions are based on real life situations. From the very first lesson, students focus on how to avoid confrontation whilst learning ‘blocking’ and other techniques to help defend themselves.
Our classes generate positive energy in a supportive, friendly atmosphere. They allow children the opportunities to encourage others, to be patient to self-confidence and self-belief. Our school is an award-winning martial art centre and the finest in the area with some of the best instructors, male & female in the UK.



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