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Tappy Toes run classes for children aged 3 months to 5 years. Boy or Girl, Tappy Toes toddler dance classes will greatly improve your child's coordination, motor skills and social skills, as well as challenge their imagination and creativity.

Parents are encouraged to join in, however, they will be amazed at how enveloped the child becomes after a few classes. It is a fantastic opportunity to mix with different personalities and a great way for particularly shy and timid children to really open up!

Generally dance schools will only take children aged three and above, but we believe the best time to start is as soon as they can walk!

It is a fantastic way to develop a child’s co-ordination, and the perfect age for children to start learning social skills.

Tappy Toes gives the children the chance to develop their imaginations and creativity through movement.

We truly believe that Tappy Toes is unique, it is not your run of the mill ballet, dance or toddler class, it provides a valuable and educational service by combining song, dance, story telling and drama into one fun packed class for both parent and child!


Stuck for ideas for your toddler's party? Let us take the strain and entertain them with...

  • Dancing
  • Singing
  • Story Telling
  • Games
  • Props
  • Themes eg. Pirates and Princesses

Parties tailored to your child, party guests and venue. Just let us know your childs favourite songs and we'll make sure we have them. We bring all our Tappy Toes props and get the whole party moving. We promise it will be a party your little one will remember!


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