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Baby swimming lessons that are fun, effective and progressive! We run classes across south Oxfordshire with small class sizes, our specially developed lesson plans, warm pools and smiley friendly teachers. Suitable from birth to around age 4. 

Baby Swimming Lessons

Swimkidz are proud to say that they have successfully taught thousands of babies & children to swim and experience the joys of water!

Our classes differ from traditional swimming lessons in terms of content, delivery and the venues we use. We only use warm water pools and babies can join us from birth in our hydro pools. Not only do we emphasise on the fun element we have ensured that every course is carefully structured, with progressive lesson plans for each week so skills are consolidated and built upon.

Our amazing fully qualified instructors work hard to ensure every moment spent in your lessons is fun filled and memorable. We carefully explain exactly what we are doing and why with clear demonstrations, this is because in effect we are teaching you to teach your child.

Your baby will feel at ease swimming both on the surface and below the water sensing a calm and holistic atmosphere as they swim unrestricted in their wonderful watery world. There are so many health benefits to early swimming including motor and neurological development. Research has suggested that babies who participate in swimming are often more alert for their age and have better eating and sleeping patterns. So not only are you having an amazing time in the pool you are aiding your child’s future development.

Babies need to be 12lbs or 12 weeks for our regular pools which are all 30-32 degrees, for smaller or younger babies we have our hydro pools. Generally most babies start around 3 months and when the parent is ready of course. If your baby is not born yet you can always register your interest in advance.

Please do not worry if you cannot swim yourself or are not water confident, we will be there with you every step of the way to ensure your experience with us is amazing. We will never ask you to go underwater unless you want to and our wonderful instructors will do assist with any swims you are not ready to do.

To capture your little ones memories we have underwater photo shoots, please refer to the photography section on our website for the latest information.

Toddler Swimming Lessons

Once you have completed your 40 week baby programme you can progress into our amazing toddler lessons. If you haven’t participated in swimming before with your little one you will still be able to join us as we structure our classes on ability as well as age taking into consideration each individual child’s needs

Lessons are delivered with core skills being taught in every class leading to independent swimming. We do not use armbands as these can be restictive and prevent the toddler from feeling their own natural bouyancy.

We use unique and innovative practices that engage your toddlers imagination. Your child will remain in the toddler section until they are ready for the next big step to swim with the Instructors without a parent usually around 3yrs old.



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