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I have been teaching in primary schools for over 20 years in West Sussex and am able to offer tuition to children aged 5 - 11 years in English and Maths. I have a friendly approach and my aim is to increase your child's confidence to tackle areas that they are finding difficult. I believe in providing children with a relaxed learning environment that offers them a mix of specific learning activities to tackle problems and games and fun activities to improve their confidence and competence. I am also able to teach adults and can support you in your understanding of Literacy and Numeracy in schools and help you to improve your own levels of competency. I specialise in introducing the methods that children use in school to adults to help you with understanding your children's homework. In addition I can offer patchwork and quilting classes to both adults and children.

I offer holiday tuition to support children with their learning and to help brush up skills before they enter a new year group. This is particularly helpful to children moving from KS1 to KS2.

To enable a  child to get the best from a session I prefer to work in a one to one situation but am willing to discuss other options. My sessions last an hour and I am open to discussion about the number of sessions you require.

I do not offer SAT boosting or other scholarship test tutoring but am happy to work with Year 6 children to help them overcome areas of weakness in their understanding of maths and English.

I teach patchwork and quilting in the local area and am happy to offer this to individuals or small groups.



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