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We are now starting our 5th  year . 

All dancers can take part in our annual dancing display held in 2017 at the Couper Institute .

Classes are taken by Miss Lorraine,ABATD (Tap) who is Disclosure Scotland checked and fully insured .  Miss Lorraine has been sitting and passing Medal and Grade exams in Tap,Modern Stage and Majorette  since 1973 . 
As a pupil at Pauline Kirkwood School of Dancing ,Kings Park . Miss Lorraine has taken part in many dancing displays and knows how important it is for your child to be able to show you their dancing achievements. 
The heart of Stepz in Time is for your child to learn while having fun.
Children's classes - Tap, Modern & Cheer  , Street Dance , Cheerleading , Dance Acro .Adult Tap


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