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Stage2 is Birmingham’s biggest and busiest youth theatre with around 200 young members from across the West Midlands. Stage2 has been successfully running for 25 years, giving thousands of members countless opportunities in productions and workshops, as well as offering a unique range of work experience opportunities in Technical and Backstage, Marketing, Fundraising, Mentoring and Leadership. Anyone who joins can be in a production that term without audition!

Stage2 exists to provide a safe, secure, professional and positive environment for children to learn and develop specific skills in theatre and the arts, and transferrable skills applicable to any social or work situation.

Stage2 is totally open access and welcomes anyone aged 7-21 regardless of their background, experience or financial circumstances. To ensure this, we have a Subsidy fund in place for anyone who is in financial difficulty, which pays for any part of Stage2 that costs money, through part or full bursary. We also operate an MBF accredited Peer Mentoring Scheme, used by all our members. We promote active integration and over a third our members have a specific learning difficulty, need or challenge.
We offer LAMDA Exams in most disciplines at every grade, with a 100% Success Rate - we have also been told by LAMDA itself that we have the best LAMDA Exam Tuition in the World. As well as this, we offer a continuous stream of exciting opportunities such as Masterclasses, Q&As, Outings and World Premieres.
In our 25 years we have produced over 100 main house shows with as many as 176 members on stage at one time. Since joining, we have been hugely successful in our local area in the Birmingham Festival of Acting and Musical Entertainment and have excelled in all categories, and were voted Best Cultural Thing in Birmingham in the Invisible City Awards 2010.

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