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As a member of SKY Taekwondo your child will practice the Olympic recognised style "WTF" (World Taekwondo Federation) version of this fantastic Korean martial art which opens a pathway to compete at the Olympics if that is the goal for your child.


Our club has fully qualified instructors on hand to help your child develop his or her skills. All instructors have valid CRB certification so you can be assured your child is looked after in a safe environment. Kids Olympic Taekwondo here has childrens' classes to accompany our Adults' classes (UWE, Bristol Uni and non-students) available and ensures a good Master to student ratio to ensure the children have the best learning experience possible. Parents are able to join in with their child should they wish to do so, making classes open to families to partake together.


Children benefit greatly from Olympic Taekwondo; main improvements will be seen in the following areas:

·         Confidence

·         Self-esteem

·         Fitness

·         Co-ordination

·         Motivation

·         Respect and Discipline

·         Social Interaction


As part of Kids Olympic Taekwondo here, children will experience a positive club spirit through classes, seminars, competitions & social outings. They will have the opportunity to progress through regular training and gradings.


Instructors - Mohammed Ibrahim and Luke BM  






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