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The School of Theatre Excellence in Brighton provides high quality performing arts training to young actors aged 6 to 18. Our Friday evening & Saturday afternoon classes are designed to improve children's confidence through song and dance as well as improve performance techniques and training by teaching them the skills they need to Act, Sing & Dance. Our small privately owned school gives that high quality training classes that you won't find at any nationally franchised school.

Our 3.5 hour classes are designed for nurturing talented student as well as offering training to younger students trying performing arts for the first time. We believe in lots of one to one attention for our students which is why all our students receive one to one singing lessons as part of our package. Our fully qualified dance teachers ensure that dance is taught to the correct standard and we are based at the fantastic Marina Studios in Brighton Marina, an ideal environment for your child to learn dance.

Whilst training forms the backbone of our school we regularly hold West End workshops. Through our connections to the industry we bring in Performers from the West End to teach routines from the shows they have performed in.


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