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Welcome my name is Anne and I'm a Complementary Therapist specialising in pregnancy, birth and postnatal period, a Baby Massage Instructor and a Relax & Breathe Birthing Instructor.

Baby Massage:

I run regular baby massage classes in Edinburgh city centre in a lovely tranquil venue Mulberry House. The classes are small, relaxed and friendly with a maximum of 8 mums and babies - although sometimes it's baby's dad, partner, carer or grandparent that comes along to class! It is one baby and adult per class.

I also incorporate in to the sessions baby reflexology and gentle yoga stretches for baby too. Over the 5 weeks as well as learning the beautiful art of baby massage and how to give baby a full body massage there is time for you to have a cuppa and chat allowing the opportunity to discuss and share experiences regarding common baby care topics and this also gives you the opportunity to make new friends. If you are a first time mother this social contact can be especially valuable.

Relax & Breathe Birthing:

This is an informal, inspiring and empowering approach that enables pregnant women and their birth partners to feel excited about the birth of their baby. Course are in held in Edinburgh city centre in the lovely Breath-Works, 7a Alva Street.  

You will learn about the amazing ,innate ability the human body has to give birth and by understanding this, be able to embrace and feel confident with your birth journey ahead. Through the Relax & Breathe Birthing course you will be guided through a combination of gentle breathing, guided relaxation and visualisations (hypnobirthing), movement, massage and comprehensive birth preparation to help you achieve a fear-free, calm and positive birth experience.

Although it may not always be possible to achieve a natural birth, it is possible to stay calm and be in control of decisions made during childbirth so that you can look back positively and with pride at your birth journey. Preparing for the birth of your baby can enable you and your birth partner to be aware of what optimises your birth experience and outcome.

This course is best undertaken between 24 and 35 weeks into your pregnancy as this allows you time to review information and practice the techniques you have learned over the 4 weeks and discover together your preferences for the birth of your baby.

Pregnancy Therapies:

Pregnancy and postnatal massage and reflexology can help support you through your pregnancy, birth and postnatal period.

Pregnancy reflexology is a specialised treatment which can be used through the whole of pregnancy, including the first trimester. Regular pregnancy reflexology treatments can support mum-to-be throughout her pregnancy and help prepare her body for child birth:

  • enhance general relaxation
  • helps ease common discomforts in pregnancy
  • reduce tension, stress and anxiety
  • help improve sleep

What if baby is late? Sometimes expectant mums may not have their babies until well after their estimated due date, which may result in them needing medical induction to start or accelerate labour. Specialist pregnancy reflexology treatment can be very effective at promoting relaxation and help encourage the onset of natural labour and the birthing process.

Reflexology can support mum-to-be throughout labour. Special techniques can be used to help to regulate and lessen the intensity of the contractions, help ease discomfort and calm the mind and body.

Postnatal Reflexology Throughout pregnancy and the birthing process the body has been through enormous changes both physically and emotionally and it is important to allow time for recovery. Postnatal reflexology can help to restore balance to the body

  • encourage return of normal menstrual cycle
  • assist recovery following an epidural
  • aid recovery following a caesarean section
  • ease breast feeding discomforts and encourage lactation
  • alleviate anxiety and the “baby blues”
  • ease digestive problems

Pregnancy Massage is a firm but gentle massage, incorporating a combination of special techniques which focus on the specific needs of the mum-to-be. The massage is tailored to the individual needs of each pregnant woman and may vary during each trimester to accommodate the physiological and physical changes that occur through pregnancy.

Benefits of pregnancy massage:

  • enhance general relaxation
  • helps ease common discomforts in pregnancy
  • alleviate stress and pain caused by postural changes, muscle tension, weakness and fatigue
  • help reduce swelling
  • reduce tension, stress and anxiety
  • help improve sleep


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