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The main aim of our organisation is to develop the confidence of our students whilst encouraging their progession as capable performers. It is vital to us that our students work in a relaxed, happy environment while also showing respect to their peers. We pride ourselves on the disciplined attitude of our students which has allowed them to flourish as performers.

We offer classes in ISTD Modern Theatre and Tap , free syllabus Contemporary and Jazz classes, free syllabus classes in Ballet (although we have links to a local RAD teacher who puts our students in for examinations), LAMDA classes in drama and Musical Theatre. Examinations are optional but are encouraged as they give students a sense of achievement. We have a 100% examination pass rate with the ISTD plus a 78% Distinction rate achieved in the past two years.

The school holds an annual show every Spring. This involves the entire school putting on a show case to a live audience. Often, the school is asked to perform in local productions including, pantomime and theatre productions. We also regularly take part in local and national dance festivals. We have been very successful at competition level being awarded titles at the prestigious All England Dance finals in London's West End.

The school takes students from 3 years and upwards, boys and girls both welcome. All levels catered for.


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