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RUN School is as it says on the tin, you will learn ‘to get active and RUN’!... Think fitness, agility, healthy heart and lungs, fresh air. Exercising at each individuals own pace, and when you are ready, learning the skills you need to RUN!

RUN School is fun, flexible, accessible, inclusive and challenging. Whatever your age, level of experience or indeed whatever your expectation or aspiration, RUN SCHOOL takes us off of the couch and into exercise.

RUN School Holiday Camp - 'Healthy Childcare'

Our RUN School Camps offer your child an enjoyable fulfilling day, much alike to a child’s party, with varied activities to include RUNning, Athletics, Arts & Crafts, Science experiments & Team building activities, along with lots more keeping your child active and motivated all day long.

Our teachers are enthusiastic & engaging at all times, encouraging participation from all!

Our outstanding childcare and dedicated inclusive teaching team will allow your child to leave feeling they have had a fabulous day and looking forward to returning!!!

Camps are held in half terms, Easter and Summer Holidays.

RUN School party

Want to hold a children's party that's a bit different? Why not book a RUN School party. Our fun & energetic parties encourage your children to be active, creative and to participate in team games and projects.

Your party will run for 2 hours, that’s 1 hour in the sports hall doing what RUN School do best, being active! We will be playing organised sports and party games, running & jumping along with a host of other kid’s activities, allowing your child to have a real high energy exciting party!!!

The next 30 minutes are in our ‘ARTY CRAFTY’ zone, either creating your own keepsake for your party bag, or experimenting with our ‘SPECTACULAR SCIENCE’ activities! Or you could ‘try your hand’ at Wax Hands, creating your own Wax Hand memento!


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