Rock the Bump - Pregnant Belly Casting : Rock the Bump - Pregnant Belly Casting

About Rock the Bump - Pregnant Belly Casting

Rock the Bump - custom, artistic, pregnant belly casting by Zoё.
Pregnant belly casts are formed by covering the pregnant form (belly, breasts, hands, shoulders, thighs - depending on what you want) with strips of wet plaster soaked cloth, built up into layers to strengthen the finished sculpture.   This safe, simple, and painless process takes about 1 hour.  
Once dry, the cast is strengthened, smoothed and primed.  This provides a beautifully smooth, white canvas for your own choice of custom design.  The completed casts can be hung, framed, displayed on an easel or just placed on a dresser/shelf and lent against the wall.
Rock the Bump - pregnant belly casting.  Keep it plain, natural and simple; decorate it yourself or by shoppilation"> commission a personalised decoration - from mural to mosaic, decoupage to metallic - Rock the Bump can do it all!


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