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Hello and welcome to RocciYoga and RocciByeBaby, - we offer a range of Yoga classes including pre and post natal classes, and childrens yoga.

Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy yoga is one of very few forms of exercise that recommended by midwives and doctors during pregnancy. The classes are suitable for anyone at least 14 weeks into your pregnancy and will be a comforting, relaxing and possibly educational addition to your amazing pregnancy journey.

The classes will include a combination of asana’s (postures), pranayama (breathing) and relaxation techniques. I hope it will also be an opportunity to meet other Mum’s to be and building friendships that can remain after your babies have been born and beyond. Throughout the classes we will develop our knowledge of asana’s, discovering those ones which help relieve pregnancy-related aches and pains and help you find comfortable positions for work, sleep and of course the birth.

The 8 week course is designed to help you and your birth partner to prepare for the arrival and life with your new baby.  A benefit of the course is that every week we will have carefully selected guest speaker’s to help build on the techniques and knowledge you gain from pre-natal yoga. These will includea pregnancy friendly chiropractor, a doula who is also a breastfeeding councillor, a hypnobirthing practitioner. During thesetalks there will be an opportunity to have tea (herbal if wanted) and biscuits (chocolate if required) and a chance for a chat and to ask questions. Our last class a we will have a special treat, this might be reflexology treatments or a pregnancy friendlybeauty treatment.

One of the classes will be a special session for you and your birth partner to attend, so that they are included in this part of your journey and can share in the knowledge and maybe learn a few new techniques to help you before, during and after the birth.

Post Natal Yoga

Post natal yoga for Mum where baby can join in, play with the toys, feed or sleep quietly.  Babies welcome from 6 weeks to crawling,Mum’s you can start as soon as you have had your 6 week post natal check up, please check with you Doctor that you are able to take part in post natal yoga classes.

  • Its a great way to get back into shape without needing a babysitter
  • Its a wonderful chance for bonding with your baby
  • By increasing the endorphines that are realsed through deep breathing, yoga helps prevent baby blues and stress and helps promote relaxation and sleep.
  • Stregthens the pelvic floor, abdominals and back
  • Releases tension in the neck, shoulders and upper back muscles (helps getting rid of the pram pushing, car chair carrying and baby holding tightness)
  • Helps increase energy levels and rejuvenates the mind
Yoga Kids

In Yoga Kids Roc classes there is a beautiful balance between spontaneity and structure. The kids help create the class with guidance from Rocci. We use stories, games, music, breathingand poses to create a journeyin different times and places around theuniverse. We end each class with a short quiet time in which we learn the skills to relax. Even at 3 years old children can learn the benefits of time to sit/lie still and quieten the mind, helping to control emotions.

Yoga Practitioners have long seen the benefits of yoga including stress and pain relief, improved circulation, a sense of well being and inner peace. Yoga is a great remedy for the stresses found in the school environment. It encourages concentration, positive thinking, confidence, self-esteem and self-expression.

Yoga keeps the bones healthy, strong and aligned, and the muscles around them supple. It helps achieve good posture, a straight spine and healthy lungs.Balancing poses help keep focus andbuild concentration. Poses named after animals and geometric angles encourage imagination and play. All philosophies and religious disciplines can be embraced and deepened, as yoga has freedom from religious dogma. Yoga is all inclusive and expands the mind and heart to embrace differences between peoples




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