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Rivendell Studio is a family business run by myself Derek Pether and my wife Lysa. I'm the photographer with over five years professional photographic experience, but numerous years before as an enthusiastic amateur! I'm a member of a few professional organisations and regularly attends training sessions to provide a top level service.

Lysa runs the business, but loves to get involved with shoots as well, especially the baby ones as she is a good baby wrangler!  She's the first contact and the organiser. We are fully mobile, so shoots can be conducted in your own home (subject to size availability), local halls or on location, whichever suits the shoot and you. In the past we have conducted all sorts of shoots like babies, children and pets, as well as shooting weddings and events, so it's a very varied mix, which is what we love,

Baby Portraits

We cater for all kinds of styles of photography, but especially newborn and baby work. I say work, well it's not really! How can photographing such precious bundles of joy be called work? Lysa has incredible patience and care, which makes my job of photographing babies so much easier.

We are parents ourselves so we know how important it is to not only deliver a calming, enjoyable experience, but also we never put a "hard" sell pressure on to buy the images we've taken.......the pictures should sell themselves!




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