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Welcome to Pyjama Drama Selby and Surroundings! Here at Pyjama Drama we are passionate about providing young children with a drama programme that is fun, exciting, and which develops the skills needed for children to lead happy and successful lives, outside their home. Drama has many benefits; as teachers we see this every day, but first and foremost Pyjama Drama is about having lots and lots of fun!

What is Pyjama Drama?

Pyjama Drama is a drama and imaginative play programme for children up to 7 years. You can join a class with your child, or find our programme in nurseries, and schools. We also offer holiday workshops and deliver magical parties!

Here are just five things that make Pyjama Drama so special…

1) Children develop at astonishing speeds during their early years, so we offer four unique, age-differentiated classes – Dewdrops (for babies and young toddlers), Raindrops (for older toddlers), Rainbows (for pre-school children) and Sunbeams (5 – 7 years)

2) The programme has been written by an experienced teacher and is designed to develop key skills such as communication, co-operation, concentration and confidence – all whilst igniting the imagination!

3) Our drama is child lead meaning that every single session is different - one week we may be building a rocket to visit the man in the moon, the next picking up the King’s dirty socks off his bedroom floor and the next making marshmallow cake for an alien!

4) We keep our class sizes small so that every child has an incredible experience, every week.

5) We don’t use props or costumes and here’s why – we don’t need them! All we need to create magical and exciting drama is a child's imagination. And that sparkly dress in the box, well, it's never as sparkly as the one in your imagination….

Have fun!

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