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Gemma Nealon is a mother and practising midwife who is passionate about helping parents to have a positive birth experience regardless of where or how they intend to give birth. Having observed many births herself, when she became pregnant she knew that to have the birth she wanted, she needed to keep her mind calm and outlook positive. 
After searching many things, the only thing that really hit the nail on the head was Natal Hypnotherapy! It was simple, realistic and so empowering. After a truly amazing and fulfilling labour and birth at home using Natal Hypnotherapy, she knew she had to share it! What attracted Gemma to Natal Hypnotherapy is that it is a unique form of hypnobirthing that requires no special language or breathing patterns and therefore works very well within the NHS. It is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives and has in depth training.  Gemma is also a qualified NLP practitioner, massage therapist and has almost 2 decades of in depth meditation practise. She has travelled extensively throughout Asia where she has trained in and practised many unique mind and body healing techniques. She combines this knowledge with her experience within NHS maternity services to offers unique Natal Hypnotherapy workshops and relaxation classes in the Edinburgh area.


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