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Our aim is to provide a stimulating environment in which creativity, originality and expressiveness are valued. With the child as a starting point they are given freedom to develop and explore materials, feelings, thoughts and ideas in happy environment.

The Learning Environment.

At Poppies we believe that children are active learners from birth and so we have created a vibrant and stimulating environment that will encourage your children to develop and reach their full potential. Along the way they will learn the skills to make good friends and will have an understanding of the importance of kindness in all their relationships. We have four group rooms over 3 floors organised to be individual to each learning age. In all rooms maintaining the highest standards of safety and hygiene is our top priority.

Outdoor play

At Poppies we see the outdoor play area as an extension of the learning experiences provided for each child within the nursery. Children love exploring outdoors, and our safe and secure play area gives them a wealth of opportunities to investigate the natural world whilst developing their learning. The outdoor area has an artificial grass called ‘No Mow’ which allows us maximum usage of the outdoor environment all year round whatever the weather!

Moonbeams and Sunshines (0-2 years approx)

Our youngest children are cared for on the ground floor in two delightful rooms enabling our children to be grouped according to their age and stage of development. These rooms have been designed to meet the varying needs of children as they rapidly develop through their important first years.

Rainbows (2-3 years approx.)

Our Rainbow is on the middle floor and is designed to meet the needs of children between two and three. This is a well-equipped room which contains a home corner, access to books, imaginative play, sand tray and hard floor area for messy activities as well as other age appropriate toys. During the time spent in this room children are encouraged to gain greater independence and develop social skills.

Pre-school (3-5’s years)

Our pre-school room is based in 2 rooms, this versatile space allows us to offer various activities throughout the day to encourage children’s learning in all 7 areas of the Early Years Foundation stage. Here children are gently prepared for the exciting learning adventure that is ahead of them, enabling them to become active learners. There is a balance of child led and adult led activities with children encouraged to make informed choices about resources they wish to use. We aim to encourage children to be eager learners, be able to make friends and develop skills that will help them in their future learning journey.



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