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The business has been built using the philosophy that 1-1 tuition is the best possible way to learn swimming. We teach all ages to learn to swim and perfect their stroke technique as they progress. This method of teaching ensures we can cater for everyone’s specific needs. Poolskool provides swimming lessons in Surrey and encourages people of all ages and abilities to learn to swim. We teach kids usually from preschool upwards but will take younger on request.

Pre School

Kids swimming lessons are tailored to allow mothers and their children to build familiarity with being in the water. This facilitates a quicker response in building confidence in the water which creates a safe and smooth transition into becoming a competent swimmer as the child develops and moves into the beginner programme. This age group is encouraged to learn through play and enjoy the water. The pool temperature is kept at 90 degrees which provides a comfortable environment for learning. As soon as the instructor thinks they are ready they will start the badge scheme. They would start with the Duckling awards.


The kids swimming programme for beginners is designed for anyone who needs to learn the rudiments of swimming no matter what age or level of anxiety. Our instructors will always determine the pupils’ history and level of ability before proceeding with a planned course to ensure the quickest route to getting results. Again, the water temperature is kept at 90 degrees. At first the children will learn the basics of swimming and be encouraged to swim doggy paddle. They will then start to learn the foundation of all four strokes and should shortly be able to show alternating and simultaneous leg and arm actions to achieve movement on back and front. The children will be working towards stages 1, 2 and 3.


Once they have learnt the basics of all four strokes they will be shown how to improve their skills and techniques to obtain a more proficient stroke. At this point they will be taught more advanced skills for water confidence. They will be working towards stages 4, 5 and 6.


The advanced swimmer will become competent in all four strokes. They will learn more advanced skills, drills and techniques that will improve stamina and speed. As they become more proficient in their strokes, they may be interested in joining a local swimming club and we will be happy to advise on the best route to take at this stage. At this stage students can opt to try out for the Poolskool Development Squad to reach their full potential. We also run courses on deep water confidence, diving and rookie awards (life saving) which advanced swimmers may be interested in taking part. They will now be working towards stages 7, 8, 9 and 10.

Special Needs

Gaye has had training in both physical and mental disabilities. All our customers are treated as individuals and are taught to their own ability. Our 1-2-1 lessons are ideal for customers with special needs because the teachers are able to address special requirements.


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