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No matter what your age, performing is FUN and EXCITING! Performing4u teaches in a dynamic, fun and energetic way. For some people it might not be about performing, it might be about personal development and gaining confidence. Whatever your reason for joining us, we can offer your child an imaginative, creative experience that really will teach them how to become more confident and fabulous performers!

Emma Spires, the school principal, has been an outstanding qualified teacher for over 15 years in addition to being a professional performer and having travelled all over the world. She is a mum herself and understands that when you are signing your children up to classes you not only want quality but also affordability. She started Performing4u to offer QUALITY classes, by QUALIFIED teachers at AFFORDABLE prices. All teachers used are also CRB checked.

At Performing4u, our drama classes are split into 3 groups:

Stage Babes - 3-5 year olds (Saturday's)

Stage Kidz - 6-10 year olds (Saturday's)

The Talent - 11-16 year olds (Saturday's)

Each class works on all sorts of skills that are not only needed for performing but also skills needed for their Key Stage at school. For example, Stage Babes encourages confidence and imaginative play, Stage Kidz develops teamwork, characterisation and story telling and The Talent will help to develop techniques needed for GCSE Drama, but also for auditions and shows. Each child will work at their own pace and at an appropriate level for them as an individual. All classes have a performance each term.

We also offer Horsham's first Glee Clubs, which offer classes for children and adults:

Horsham Glee - 8-16 year olds (Saturday's)

Horsham Glee - 16+ (Wednesday evenings)

Horsham Glee focuses on singing, movement and dance and we look at different styles of music ranging from music through the ages, to musical theatre and modern day. You don't need to be a fantastic singer and dancer to join this group, but you must be willing to have a go, as most sessions will involve each of these disciplines. Everyone works at their own pace, so if your child (or you) wants to stay out of the limelight to start with, that's not a problem. These classes involve a lot of performing both in class and publicly, so be warned!

For more detailed explanations for each of our classes, please visit our website at


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