Patricia Broughton Independent Speech & Language Therapist : Patricia Broughton Independent Speech & Language Therapist

About Patricia Broughton Independent Speech & Language Therapist

Who am I?

I am an independent speech and language therapist with over 30 years' experience. I assess and treat pre-school and primary age children with speech and/or language difficulties and children and young adults with special needs (developmental delay, learning/physical disabilities, autistic spectrum/social communication disorders).

I am a specialist in the management of eating & drinking difficulties in children with complex needs.

I am a tutor for Signalong (sign-supported communication) and I can tailor training packages for individuals and establishments. 

I am also a trainer for Elklan - these are training packages specifically designed for parents and others who support children with speech, language and communication difficulties.

How can I help?

Children with communication difficulties may become withdrawn or frustrated; they might be perceived as being naughty because they have problems understanding or remembering what is said to them. 

Sometimes children can be helped by using sign-supported communication such as Signalong to help make the meaning of the important words clearer and easier to remember.  Pictures can be useful to show the child what is going to happen or what they need to do.

Before children can express themselves effectively with speech the use of signs or pictures to communicate can alleviate some of  the frustration they experience when they are unable to get their message across. The more success they achieve in communicating by any method the more likely they are to try speech as well. 

Some children need help to make certain speech sounds or to use them in the right places in words.

I will assess your child's communication and make recommendations about how I can help. I can provide a therapy package tailored to the child's needs which may include a certain number of regular sessions, less frequent sessions to monitor their progress and/or advice on strategies and activities you can do to help your child from day to day.

When should you seek my help?

You are your child's first teacher but if your child has communication difficulties it is hard for an 'untrained' parent to know what to do for the best - and what not to do....

It is best to contact me as soon as you suspect a problem and I will be able to give you advice about how best to help your child. 

Communication difficulties can lead to frustration for child and parents in the short term and may lead to problems with social interaction or literacy when your child goes to school.

I often work with children who are on  a waiting list to be seen by an NHS therapist: I know how frustrating it is for parents to feel that they are wasting precious time.....

Why an independent therapist?

Waiting times are less and appointments can be arranged flexibly to suit family needs. 

I will visit you at home where your child is naturally more relaxed and activities will be play-based whilst having specific communication objectives.

I will normally liaise with any NHS therapists who are involved with your child to ensure we are all working towards the same goals.

Your child's progress will be reviewed after a certain number of sessions but therapy can be on-going if this is appropriate and both parties agree.


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