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We are a very flexible nursery in Central Brighton, Ofsted registered, just five minutes from the train station and open Monday to Friday all year round from 8am to 6pm.

The minimum length of a booking is two hours, you could book 2 days one week and 4 hours a fortnight later - there is no minimum attendance. Prices range from £5 to £10 per hour.

Members can use the flexible childcare alone or combine it with co-working in our members’ room upstairs. There’s a meeting room, kitchen, tea, printing and scanning free of charge - and a great community of parents. You can also use the co-working alone if you’re not yet a parent – or your child has grown out of Officrèche, or you just like our atmosphere...

We have an online booking and payment system, so there's no more paying for childcare when you don’t need it. You can Pay as You Go, buy a bundle of hours or a subscription. You can cancel your session, with no penalties, up to 48 hours before it starts.

We offer the Early Years Free Entitlement, take all manner of childcare vouchers and there’s more information on our website.

Have a look at, email to book a showaround, or call us for a chat 01273 434244.


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