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At Musical Bumps we offer top quality music classes for babies, toddlers and preschool children led by friendly and experienced teachers.

Experts agree that music benefits all areas of learning and that children who attend music classes from a young age have increased confidence, greater language skills and are flexible adaptable learners by the time they start school. Musical Bumps classes are the perfect way to learn and share new skills together. Sessions are led by trained teachers specialising in Early Years education who are experienced musicians. Sessions include time for a drink, biscuit and to get to know the teacher and other families at the class.
About our classes:
Classes to share with your child, usually lasting for an hour including refreshment time. As babies and children develop at varying rates, the age groups shown are suggestions only.
Peaceful time with new babies learning rocking songs, rhymes and lullabies in a calm environment.
1+ years
On the move! Songs for counting, songs that rhyme, action songs and singing games with puppets and instruments at every class.
2+ years
Gently structured with an emphasis on developing musical and social skills through play. Learn to listen, to take turns and even to tidy up!  
3+ years
Smaller groups lasting 30 minutes usually without carers participating. Exciting props, percussion and puppets help children to find their singing voices and learn about rhythm and other musical concepts. These classes are themed, with topics linked to the early years curriculum. 
The theory behind the fun
Musical Bumps classes are inspired by the principles of Hungarian musician Zoltan Kodaly:
- Starting young...Kodaly said that music education should start nine months before the birth of the mother! We encourage parents to come along with brand new babies but new children are welcome at any stage. 
- Learning through play...It's crucial that children learn in a playful way, making their education both meaningful and memorable!
- Using songs children sing...Our repertoire is drawn from traditional songs and rhymes from around the world. Songs are simple, easy for children to sing, and with exciting activities to accompany them!
"Let us take our children seriously! Everything else follows from this...only the best is good enough for a child." (Kodaly, 1941)
Popular for birthdays or other special occasions, Musical Bumps parties include favourite songs and rhymes with plenty of fun and games!


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