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Musical Bumps classes are the perfect way to learn and share new skills together and the sessions include time to get to know the teacher and other families at the class. We have lots of fun using puppets, percussion, props and musical games. Most classes are age - specific and progressive, but we know that babies and children develop at varying rates so the age groups are suggestions only.

Babies from birth: bouncing, tickling, peek-a-boo & lullabies. Sleeping or feeding babies, active & even noisy babies are all welcome!

1-2 years: gently structured classes where children can respond & learn in their own way (we don't expect them to sit still!)

2-3 years: children become aware of what they are learning. Lessons often include a narrative (a journey, bath time etc.) which is important for developing speaking & listening skills as they grow.

3 years & upwards: children come along to 30min sessions (often without their parent/carer participating). We encourage good singing & ensure that children learn & practice new musical skills within the games & songs that are played and sung.

Baby classes last for 40-45 minutes with refreshments and social time at the end.

1-3+ year classes last for 55 minutes with refreshments and social time part way through.

Classes are on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays


Other Information

Parties: Popular for birthdays or other special occasions.

Nurseries: We can come to you! Competitive rates, great classes!

Saturdays: Family music sessions for working parents. One-off sessions can be booked.





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