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About Mr Bungle's Puppet Company

Our programme is specifically designed to assist Primary Education within the National Curriculum.
Starting with Toddler Groups, Early Years, Reception, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.
Puppet Workshops for younger children.

  • Workshop - making small puppets
  • Puppet shows to tell stories
  • Explanation & handling of different types of puppet

Inspirational Learning. Using puppets, props and fact cards:-

  • An understanding of the food chain
  • Importance of Healthy Eating, differences between fruit and vegetables
  • Cleaning Teeth

Shadow Puppetry

  • History and Background
  • The Chinese Influence
  • Explanation of different types of puppet
  • Short show from our selection
  • Making a Shadow Puppet
  • Understanding Light & Shadow
  • Handling and performing with the puppets

Science Workshops. Using models and puppets

  • Using science in Magic and Illusion
  • Sources of light, shadow and reflection
  • Earth, space and the Solar System

Punch & Judy Workshop

  • History of Mr Punch
  • Traditions of sea-side entertainment
  • Punch & Judy - a short show
  • Meet the cast
  • Making a puppet
  • Explanation and handling different types of puppet

Seasonal Themed Shows

  • Easter
  • Halloween
  • Christmas

Shows for Larger Groups

  • Morals and traditional short stories


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