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Mini Mozart was created by Clare-Louise Shaw in 2005 and is the culmination of over 20 years experience combining Musicianship, Presenting & Parenting. 

After notching up music scholarships at Uppingham School and Berklee College of Music in the USA, and a music degree from Newcastle University, Clare joined BBC Music where she worked with all her heroes at the BBC Symphony Orchestra and The Proms winding up as a TV Presenter for programmes like BBC Young Musician of the Year and The Proms.  

Clare fell in love with working with children and music when she was a singer at Disneyland Paris and was hit by the clarity stick in 2005 whilst on maternity leave.  Knowing how much her infant son loved it when she played the violin, clarinet, or piano to him and remembering the same look of enchantment on the childrens’ faces at Disney, Clare got her NCT group and instruments together with a piano accompanist and Mini Mozart was born.  It’s been a runaway success.  

If you don’t experience magical musical moments with your child at Mini Mozart then we’ll give you money back.  Book Now.  


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