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BBC Children's television presenter Liz Watts and Hampstead nursery school teacher Jill Vicefield have combined more than 35 years’ experience in children’s education to produce Mini Mingles - an exciting and dynamic new concept in learning through music and sensory play. 

With a format that closely follows the Early Years Foundation Stage, these great fun drop-in sessions feature a stimulating, age-related blend of song, dance, light, action and exploration.  Rolling programmes designed to stimulate the senses are constantly changing, so there’s always something new - along with all the old favourites, of course.

From three months to five years, your child will venture on an interactive highway that’s dedicated to building confidence and awareness - and in a caring environment where the emphasis is always on fun. Sessions are mainly 45 minutes and they’re a great place for parents and carers to meet and take part, too. Bring your little one and join us as the journey begins. 


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