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Hi Marko here,
Ever wanted to join the Circus, then here's your chance to learn the skills....

I have been Teaching circus skills for 11 years now and it's great fun.

I am available for children's parties, events, schools, festivals, scout and guide groups, weddings and much more.

Children's parties are great fun! They normally last about 90 minutes, but in that time it's amazing what we get through.

First of all I go through all of the circus skills & then teach the children how to juggle bean bags, I then teach them how to use the devil sticks. Then it's time for Diabolo, Stilts, Pedal goes & much more, And don't forget it's all hands on, no sitting & watching me; where's the fun in that.

We all have a great time & that includes the adults....The age for parties is from 5yrs & upwards, but it's not a problem if some of the children are younger & are mixed in with older children.

The number of children for a party is up to 25, but can increase as long as the venue is big enough to take more....( Please note: This type of party should be held at a Hall of some kind & not the Home, I do need a lot of space when children start throwing Diabolo's & Devil sticks about ! )

Circus skills in one word is 'Fun' and lots of it!

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