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If you're looking for a class to bond with your baby and give you some special one-to-one time together, then look no further. Many people do not realise the wonderful health benefits of massage and yoga for baby and mum,  you will learn all about these in our classes as well as meeting other mums and having fun too.

Our Classes will help....

  • Develop your baby's digestive, immune, circulatory and nervous systems from birth
  • Relax your baby and encourage good sleep
  • Reduce wind and settle colic
  • Strengthen your baby's neural and brain development
  • Develop coordination, balance and sensory-motor skills
  • Entertain, move and stretch busy babies and toddlers from 12-months to 3-years-old! 
  • Plus our courses offer gentle postnatal stretches and relaxation for parents too!

At MamaBabyBliss our mission is to nurture and pamper as many mums, babies and mums-to-be as we can. We believe pregnancy and early motherhood is a special time when it is vital to nurture and pamper yourself and your baby. We offer an exclusive range of products, treatments, classes and training dedicated to pregnancy, mums, babies and dads.

We also provide all equipment in our classes (oils, mats, towels, cushions, toys, playmats, yoga blocks, yoga balls, yoga straps etc) so there's nothing to bring with you other than yourself and your bump / baby.
And don't forget, we at MamaBabyBliss like to pamper you mummies as much as your babies so well earned refreshments are provided too.

All of our products and services are dedicated to you, your baby and your amazing journey together.... Enjoy!

We offer a unique range of classes from pregnancy to toddlers....

BabyBliss Massage Classes

A 6-week Baby Massage Course that will teach top-to-toe baby massage techniques to help develop your baby's digestive, immune, circulatory and nervous systems and help with wind and colic.

Great for making new friends, the 90-minute sessions also cover weekly discussions with other parents on a number of parenting topics including self-calming techniques, infant communication, teething, weaning and more. Suitable 6 weeks.

BabyBliss Yoga Classes

6-week Baby Yoga Courses, Foundation, Advanced and PHD that will help to develop your baby's neural development, sensory motor skills, balance and co-ordination. Baby Yoga is also wonderful for settling babies and soothing wind and colic. Classes also include gentle postnatal yoga moves to help strengthen and tone mum's body after birth, plus a relaxation phase for mums and babies! Suitable from 10-weeks to 12 months.

Toddler Massage & Yoga Movers & Shakers

Unique classes that have been adapted for babies from advanced crawling to age 2. These 6 week courses include movement, singing, stories and nursery rhymes, treasure baskets and sensory play to engage and stimulate a busy toddler! The courses can be enjoyed time and again as toddlers approach it at different levels each time with their advancing mobility and understanding.

Toddler Massage & Yoga Walkers & Talkers

Classes for toddlers (age 2 to 3) including movement, singing, stories, nursery rhymes treasure baskets and sensory play. As its name suggests this stimulates the toddler’s language skills and increasing independence with movement and  includes specific yoga based moves to cater for their increased body control.  

PregnancyBliss Yoga & Relaxation

Set in small intimate groups, this 6 week  course  will help to nurture and prepare your body, mind and spirit through natural yoga based techniques to support you throughout your pregnancy, childbirth and labour. Also a very sociable way to meet people.

What other services do we offer our parents?

  • PapaBabyBliss Daddy Workshops
  • Birth Preparation Workshops
  • Private 121 sessions tailor made to baby’s and parent’s needs.
  • Group courses in Baby Massage & Baby Yoga in the comfort of your own home.


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