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MagiKats offers out of school Maths and English tuition suitable for all children from early years to GCSE (ages 4 to 16). Children who want help with their school work want that help NOW. They want topics being covered at school to be more accessible immediately, yet at the same time are likely to have gaps in core skills that need to be filled. This is why we work on two strands simultaneously - to give an immediate boost underpinned by steady consolidation.

Every student has a program that is built just for them. They concentrate on coming to grips with topics that they are covering at school whilst also working on a parallel thread that is put together to fill any gaps that may exist in their core skills.

Special support is available when exams are looming and we offer a special program during the long summer break. MagiKats is a program written by UK educators, in the UK. Our materials are adjusted as necessary to support the school curriculum.

Family life is complicated – w e know that it is hard to fit everything in, so MagiKats tries to help. Students attend a weekly workshop, where an appropriate and wide mix of approaches are incorporated, from textbook-style exercises through educational games to the use of calculators. At the end of each workshop, students usually receive a weekly work pack of five short assignments. These are designed to maintain their learning momentum until their next visit. Answer keys are provided so that parents can give immediate feedback and encouragement at home. Continuity is important, so our Tuition Centre is open all year round. However there is no lengthy tie-in and only one month's notice is required.



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