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Children experience an imaginative approach to dance encouraging musicality and creativity through movement. Inspired by a range of music from African drumming to classical ballet music and using props such as streamers, flags, scarves and stretchy fabric, they will explore a whole new world of movement possibilities and produce dance which is truly their own. There is no uniform and children are gently encouraged to participate. There is always the option of sitting out and watching if a child is not ready to join in. My aim is to make the sessions as enjoyable as I can so everyone can relax and have fun! We run regular classes in the Brighton area as well as holiday workshops and school workshops.

Pre-School (2-4 years) A fun and inspiring class for young children.

Stories and role play form a large part of the class as children use their imaginations to move and dance like animals, characters, machines and even some quite abstract things such as wind. Props such as floaty scarves and shaky streamers are used to encourage children to explore their movement further and sometimes we dress up to get into character. Each half term we work on new dances inspired by seasonal themes and celebrations. Through regular attendance of these classes, children gain confidence in their movement and show pride in the dances that they create.

After School (4-7 years)

As with the pre-school classes there is still a strong emphasis on imaginative role play through dance and movement and we continue to follow seasonal themes. However, the dances are now a little more structured and the children are invited to take more of a creative lead in producing their own movement for the dances. More recognisable dance moves and technique are introduced and children start to learn how to reproduce and repeat sequences of movement. At the end of term we show our work to parents and friends.

Groovy Moves (7-11 years)

A contemporary based dance class that explores a variety of dance styles including African, Brazilian and Hip Hop. Using the dance moves that they learn children work together to make some new and very funky dances which always offer the chance of individual creative input.

There are many opportunities to perform what they have learnt to an audience. In the past, Groovy Moves have danced at The Brighton Dome, Hove Town Hall, The Windmill Theatre, for the for the Children's Parade, at Hanover Day and Patchfest. Last year they were also Junior Finalists in the Dance for Life Competition. For the last two years we have also made a short dance films.


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