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Magic Box was started in December 2013 by Lottie Allen, a professional actor with almost 20 years experience of working in theatre, film, television and radio. The main aim of the sessions is to provide a relaxed setting where young children can feel free to use their incredible imaginations, helping to tell a fun story.

Some children sit next to their carer(s)  - who are present throughout the session - and want to listen to the story. Others join in the telling of the story. Others contribute to the story, taking it in unexpected directions! Each child is different and willing/able to participate in different ways. There is no right or wrong, no should or shouldn't - every child takes something away from the session, whatever level they have participated at.

Each session starts by peeking inside the Magic Box to see what old bits of junk can be found...and what they could be turned into! A character then emerges, who has a story to tell or a journey to take - and the children join in, becoming whoever or whatever they want to be. Music and singing plays a part - and the stories are flexible enough for children to add to them, or lead them in a different direction.

All stories were originally written and dramatised by Lottie. In May 2014, Rebecca Purton - a wonderful children's writer - came on board to write with Lottie, and provide creative assistance, including making beautiful books that are part of one party package.

Yes, Magic Box does parties! We offer 3 packages, details of which are on the website (www.magicboxstories.com) - or can be got by emailing Lottie at magicboxe17@gmail.com

Magic Box is a new venture that has already created a bit of a buzz. And we have plans for more exciting ventures in the future.
Magic Box has only just opened its lid...watch what comes out next...!


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