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Fun excitement and motivation for 3-8 year olds! We teach both a karate and Thai boxing ninja programme which aims to improve children's listening and motor skills using martial arts based exercise. Students learn by working with others and following directions from others instructors in a fun and motivating way.  We can also offer a Karate party service.

Little Ninjas aims to target the developmental skills that 3-8 year olds need and have as opposed to a watered down curriculum that was originally written for adults. The skills learned translate to all areas of your child's life. Lessons are fun and fast paced, with the emphasis being on increasing confidence, concentration and self-control rather than strict martial art techniques. These skills will lead to them having a more confident and enthusiastic outlook.

Our classes comprise of children as young as 3 years to older children up to 8 years old. The classes are taught in a fun, rewarding and motivated way by experienced Black Belt Instructors. All our Instructors are CRB checked.

Each 45 minute long class is based around one of eight themes –

FocusOur program has been designed to help your child's listening and reaction skills. It will aid them in developing their attention span. The children understand that focus means concentrating and listening and trying to avoid distraction from others.

Teamwork - Helping your child develop character, which gives them the confidence to make new friends and become a better leader in life. The children learn to work together in a co-operative and respectful way.

Control - Ninjas are taught that they can control their own bodies to be strong or gentle – when kicking a pad compared to handling a pet. The emphasis is on control of ones temper, behaviour and decisions.

Balance - Your child is starting to participate in activities that require balance, like riding a bicycle. Developing this skill at an early age will help them in many activities and aids good posture development.

Memory - Good exercise for your child’s brain.

Discipline - Little Ninjas use drills to help create the idea that discipline is fun and rewarding. Children of this age get a big thrill from conforming and knowing how to behave correctly.

Fitness - Classes aim to give children an early understanding of the health benefits of exercising and eating healthily.

Co-ordination - Helping your child become less clumsy and our drills will benefit them in all other physical sports and activities.

Belt promotion teaches goal setting and rewards the child for their efforts. When your child has progressed through all the belts they will be ready to join any martial arts junior or Family program.

Little Ninjas also focuses on stranger danger and empowers children with ways of remaining safe, and how appearing confident will stop your child being a target for bullies. If you are the parent of a lively, noisy bundle of energy or if your child is shy and nervous, Little Ninjas could really be for you! Come and meet the instructors for an introductory lesson!

Give your child a party to remember - We offer a karate party service, giving your child and their friends a full 45 minute class as part of the party entertainment. Each party is action packed with fun and motivating games and activities, giving you the parents, a chance to relax. The focus is on fun and your child becomes our assistant instructor for the day.


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