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Lions Cub Nursery aims to provide high quality child care to families within the local environment. We respect the needs of all individual children, reflecting their diverse and complex requirements and provide a safe and secure environment where they can develop in all aspects but primarily focusing on the areas of learning and personal development. We strongly believe that children learn through play and encourage this by providing play equipment and resources they can choose independently, as well as supporting their individual interests. It is our priority to provide a welcoming atmosphere which ensures all children, parents and guardians feel happy and comfortable within our setting, promoting their self esteem by ensuring they feel valued at all times.We strongly promote working partnerships with our parents, guardians and families, encouraging them to take part in their child's learning and by following that learning on at home.

Baby and Toddler Room

Our baby and toddler room has a cosy, homely feel, allowing babies and young children to settle quickly. It is full of interesting sensory objects to be explored including different materials and textures, different smells and objects that make different sounds. This room allows our younger children to explore at their own pace, bringing their knowledge and skills together. The 'imagination station' is designed to allow our children to express their creative side and use experiences from their everyday life to filter into their play, the 'Communication corner' encourages young children to chat, listen and explore sound. The staff in this room form close bonds with our babies and young children, interacting with them and ensuring all their needs are met.

Soft Play Room

Our soft play room allows our babies and young children to explore and move in different ways and use different physical equipment including the ball pit, small trikes, ball and hoops.


We plan regular outings for children as we believe children learn a great deal from the world around them. Active outdoor play increases health and physical development therefore encouraging sensory development and stimulating brain cells.

Nursery and Pre-School Room

Our nursery and Pre-School room is a large open planned space, enabling children to flow freely around the area participation in any activities of their choosing. They have access to the 'Communication corner, sand and water play, the messy room, the construction site, the mark making are, the ICT stop and much more. As these children play alongside each other, the younger children learn from the older children and the older children enjoy the responsibility of lending a helping hand.
Our nursery children begin to develop their independence through everyday activities, i.e. washing their hands before meal times or after using the toilet. Opportunities and experiences are planned to their individual interests and key persons plan in group times to focus on specific skills.
Our Pre-School children have a growing independence which is encouraged throughout their day, helping prepare them for school. They are encouraged to choose their own activities and lead play experiences. Key persons plan opportunities for children to develop key skills which will help them in school life. Key persons also plan group times focusing on early phonics and other key areas of development.

Healthy Choices

We recognise the importance of a healthy diet in small children which is why we provide a well balanced, nutritional menu designed by top quality chefs and using the new Government guidance 'Eat Better, Start Better'.Children are provided with healthy snacks for example fresh fruit platters, vegetable sticks and dips, crackers and cheese etc and are encouraged to make healthy choices. Fresh drinking water is available throughout the day.We understand that some children may have food allergies, intolerance or other dietary requirements and in these cases we consult with parents to cater for individual needs.
We will work in partnership with parents when their baby is ready to be introduced to solid foods. All our menus are freshly prepared and can be pureed to the required consistence.


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