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We are a member of the Aiwakai association which is a founding member of the Wadokai England Karate-do Federation. We are affiliated to the English Karate Federation and train in all aspects of traditional Wadokai karate under Sensei Chris Hemmins 5th Dan and Sensei Nicole Dawson 2nd Dan.

Karate is a combination of fun, discipline and hard work which can allow people of all ages to:

  • Improve physical fitness
  • Learn a martial art
  • Learn self defence
  • Meet new people
  • Expand interests
  • Develop self awareness
  • Improve self confidence
  • Increase self esteem 

We welcome people from age 7 upwards and of all abilities including those who have trained in any other style of martial art. Beginners are always welcome. All of our instructors are volunteers and have enhanced CRB checks. We are a non profit organisation and operate on a pay as you train basis.

Information for new members:

  • Your first training session with the club is free.
  • Subsequent training sessions are £2 per hour for juniors and £2.50 per hour for seniors. Juniors usually start with a 1 hour lesson which can be increased as they progress through the grades. Seniors usually do a 2 hour lesson (£5).
  • Juniors are under 18 years old, seniors are over 18 years.
  • To become a member of the club you need to complete a joining form. The one off cost for becoming a member is £16 for juniors and £20 for seniors.
  • As a member you will receive your 1st gi (suit) and white belt.
  • Your 1st grade (9th Kyu) is awarded when you reach the required standard, a formal grade is not held and this is included in your membership fee.
  • Subsequent grades are held approximately 4 months apart. The cost for these are £10 for juniors and £12 for seniors. There is a required attendance level in order to be eligible to grade.
  • An Aiwakai licence is required to take a formal grade (8th kyu and above). This is a legal requirement for all martial arts students as it is an insurance and a formal record of your karate achievements. This is currently £25 and is renewable annually. The fees are paid to and regulated by the Aiwakai.
  • Your Wadokai England licence also makes you eligible to attend courses and competitions held nationally.

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Nicole Dawson

07771 688914




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