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About Kindermusik presented by Kent Music

Kindermusik is the #1 programme for music and movement designed for newborns, infants, pre-schoolers & toddlers. Kindermusik International is the world's leading provider of music and movement programmes for children aged 0 - 7 years. It is enjoyed by over one million families in more than 60 different countries. Kent Music has partnered with Kindermusik International to give your child their best start in music. Kindermusik classes are a great way to encourage your child's development and creativity, meet new people, make new friends, spend some quality time with your child, and get that extra little bit of support in a fun, friendly, and safe environment.

Kindermusik is:

  • Child-centred
  • Developmentally Appropriate
  • Concerned with the Whole Child
  • Process, not Performance-oriented
  • Fun for the Child and for Families
  • Inclusive of Parents
  • Backed up using Quality Audio and Visual Learning Materials in Class and at Home



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