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At Kiko Soccer Schools our aim is to inspire and develop the individual through our coaching style. Our unique training programme along with methods used at Barcelona FC, enable children of all ages to quickly learn to manipulate the ball, build up skills and grow in confidence.

Mini's Programme (18months - 5 years)

Our “MINIS” programme focuses on a child’s motor skills, social and emotional well being. Using structured football games children quickly gain the building blocks and confidence to deal with life’s little challenges. Incorporating numbers, colours, shapes and now introducing Spanish key words children receive a truly unique session with an emphasis on kindness and sharing, all through a football programme.

Juniors Programme (5 - 10 years)

Our “JUNIOR” sessions have children spending lots of time on the ball improving technique and learning the value of keeping possession of the ball. We feel that this age group is pivotal to their development as it’s the best time to encourage boys to learn about decision making, risk taking, 1 v 1 and understanding formation and shape. Over the last 2 years we have been fortunate enough to have spent time at Barcelona’s football academy and have seen the importance of putting the best coaches with these age groups. This is the time to create the right mindset for the budding footballer irrespective of what level they reach.

Youth Programme (10 - 16 years)

As the children grow older our “YOUTH” sessions become faster and more intense enabling them to play with control and speed in restricted areas; LESS SPACE, LESS TIME, MORE SKILL. Every session will include keep ball games as the fundamental basis of our belief that moving and passing the ball as a team will, in the long run produce better footballers, better teams. Focussing on possession of the ball takes away the pressure of having a win at all costs mentality. And as we have seen over the last few years the teams that are technically more gifted in keeping the ball tend to win more matches!

Birthday Parties

At Kiko Soccer School parties we aim to provide the most fun football parties for your children without you having to worry about the stress of booking venues, organising games...

Our fun packed parties for “Minis” (2 years to 5 years) give the children a flavour of what Kiko Soccer Schools is all about using fun games and equipment designed by our expert coaches. Some parental participation may be required for the real younger ones otherwise our coaches will run the party from start to finish.

Parties for our “Juniors” (5 years to 10 years) will comprise of specific drills where we teach the children new skills which they use in matches played throughout the party. Highly fun and memorable, children often want to join our sessions on a regular basis once they’ve attended one of our parties.

And for our “Youth” (10 years to 16 years) the party will consist of playing matches but in several different formats encouraging the children to adapt their skills and learn new ones along the way. All party formats include a gift for the birthday child, medals for all participants and a free voucher for every child to attend one of our sessions

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