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Kiddy Cook is all about letting children have fun with hands-on gastronomic experiments and recipes and being encouraged to learn about ‘good’ food and explore new flavours in an educational and fun way. Each workshop encourages students to discover the excitement that food can bring. Children get involved in the whole cooking process from reading the recipes to weighing and measuring the ingredients. They are encouraged to taste during the cooking process so they can see for themselves how textures and flavours change once cooked and our gastronomic experiments give kids an insight into how different foods come about. These workshops are designed for children aged 5-11.

CookieTots is a group activity for children aged 2-4 yrs. Parents and carers help their children create easy-to-make recipes and then join in with music and games based around preparing and enjoying food.

These great classes promote healthy eating and food awareness whilst building confidence and encouraging independence. Different recipes give the children a chance to explore their senses and express their creativity and they get to take home what they have made.

Kiddy Cook also offers parties

From Teddy Bear Picnics to Kitchen Science Parties – we offer a wide variety of parties for children of all ages and of interest to boys and girls – ‘Fizz, Bang, Wallop!’, ‘Make your own lunch’, ’Cupcake’ or ‘Biscuit Making’ and ‘Edible Jewellery’. Seasonal parties are available too. The parties can be in your selected venue or your home. Please do call me to find out more information and price structure.



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