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The Just Kidding Chorus is a feel-good choir for parents, grandparents and carers with little ones in tow. The choir is currently on a break while our leader is on maternity leave! If you'd like to be informed when we restart, do e-mail us.

Is this another baby music class?

Nope! This is singing for you, in an environment where little ones are welcome and you are free to look after them however you need to (breast-feeding, colouring in, negotiations about ice-cream after the session) while singing!

Our music includes heart-warming folk music, cheesy pop and musical theatre hits, and a bit of life-affirming chant!

Do I need to be any good? 

Nope! Beginners are welcome. You don’t need to be able to read music. You just need to love singing!

Is my child too old / too young to come with?

I doubt it! You can bring a baby in a sling, a toddler, a school-going child, or a teen – the only requirement is that they be mostly happy with the fact that it is an activity for you, not for them! So (with the exception of babies) they need to be able to amuse themselves – with your support – in a reasonably quiet and chilled-out way. Jigsaws and colouring books are good activities for small people beyond baby age. If you need to take your little one out for a bit, there’s a quiet foyer with tables and chairs. And of course a playground just down the road for after the session!

So is this actually a really uplifting way to spend a Wednesday lunchtime??

Yes! You should come and join us for singing, tea and biscuits.

All together now… “I am a tower of strength within and without, I am a tower of strength within… Dancing Queen, feel the beat of the tambourine, oh yeah!…. Oh Shenandoah, I long to hear you…”

You get the picture.

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