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Jo Jingles classes are carefully structured and each week we introduce fun educational themes i.e. colours, shapes, numbers, animals using well-known nursery rhymes and action songs. Children get to have "hands on" experience with at least two percussion instruments each week eg: drums, tambourine, bells. And they get to join in with "Little Jo" who is always ready with the actions. He also knows over 1000 songs, some familiar and others that are unique to Jo Jingles.

Jo Jingles loves to stimulate young minds and teach children to:

  • To play percussion instruments expressively
  • To sing songs
  • To hold a tune
  • To find the rhythm to move and dance to
  • To make new friends

The main aim of the 30/45 minute session (depending on age) is that the children have fun...lots and lots of fun! As do Mums, Dads, Grandparents and Carers who we actively encourage to join in!

Jingle Babies (3 months to walking)

Babies from around 3 months of age love Jo Jingles! Your baby can attend these classes until they are walking or are confident enough to join in with the more active toddlers in the older class. Babies enjoy our gentle and relaxed introduction to singing, musical instruments and movement. Parents/Carers can join in as much or little as they like - the more enthusiastic you are, the more your baby will benefit.

Baby classes involve lots of gentle lap, sitting songs and tactile actions. Jingle Babies classes help to develop babies' three main senses:- sight, sound and touch.

Jingle Toddlers (walking to 2 years)

Lively classes, perfect for walkers up to 2 years old. Little ones enjoy moving, sitting and action songs, inlcuding nursery rhymes like 'Ring a Roses', 'Jelly on a Plate' and 'Two Little Dicky Birds' plus Jo Jingles favourite 'Five Little Speckled Frogs' and 'Sleeping Bunnies'.

It's amazing how quickly our Jingles Toddlers learn how to play simple percussion instruments, such as tambourines, cymbals and shaped shakers; helping hand - eye co-ordination and fine motor skills. Toddlers also develop gross motor skills, such as walking, balancing and crawling, using simple music and movement activities as well as the use of props.

Jo Jinglers (over 2's)

Weekly pre-school learning themes such as transport, colours and numbers help your child to develop language, numeracy and communication skills and to identify with the world around them.

Your little ones will enjoy many action songs like 'Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes' and 'Dingle Dangle Scarecrow', designed to develop more skilled movements, and to encourage their imagination and creativity.

Jingle Juniors (3-5 years)

See your child's independence, confidence and social skills grow. Our weekly themes are more challenging with action songs, movement and instrument playing and with children learning to play as a band or use more than one instrument during a song.

Jingle Juniors are introduced to instruments from the brass, string, woodwind and percussion family. 'Music Theory' is also included in these classes: these are fun modules that build over a number of weeks covering topics such as 'Notation', 'Classical Music, 'Music from Around the World' and 'Musical Elements'.

Birthday Parties

Make your child's party truly memorable by inviting Jo Jingles along. Whatever the occasion, we are delighted to run your party entertainment for you, ensuring that your child and their friends have a wonderful time.

Jo Jingles Parties are celebrations with a difference, where the birthday boy or girl and their guests are all invited to:

  • play percussion instruments
  • sing songs
  • move around to music
  • get involved in party games appropriate to their age.
Party Planning

Jo Jingles can produce a tailored-programme for the event specific to the age group(s) attending the party, using the vast library of fun music and songs available to us. We also bring along visuals and props to provide additional fun!



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