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hydroschool offer swimming lessons for all ages and ability levels. From Parent and Toddler classes to beginners and lane swimmers. We can offer small classes and qualified and experienced teachers. Our lessons are structured but fun for the children. 

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Most of our swimming teachers are parents and understand that learning to swim is extremely important, not only for safety but for the fun and health benefits swimming can bring to everyone. Whether you are simply on holiday visiting the local beach / pool having a swim, or looking to take your swimming further Hydroschool have the ability, the passion and the right teachers and coaches to help your child learn to love swimming.

hydroschool ensures that are teachers are not only child friendly but parent friendly as well. After all you want to know how your child is progressing. As a parent feel free to talk to our teachers, ask questions, it maybe with a little homework we can make your child's learning quicker. 

Our current swimming lesson programme includes:

  • Parent and toddler groups
  • Beginner’s classes
  • Improver's Lessons
  • Squad Swimming
  • Rookie Lifeguards
  • One to One Private lessons

Tiny Splashers

Our "Tiny Splashers" sessions are run in two age groups and are designed for preschool learning. Starting from 6 months following all inoculations our program takes you from the very earliest trip to the swimming pool through to the development or early strokes ready for the move to our after school and weekend beginners classes.

Beginners Classes

We believe that class size is important to the speed in which children learn, they need to spend as much time with the teacher as we can offer. To ensure we maximise our swimmers time with their teacher we normally operate a ratio of 5 swimmers to one teacher. In this way your child does not spend lots of time sat still not learning and gets as much swim time as possible. Classes include development of a minimum of two strokes (front and back), and water confidence

Improvers Classes

In these classes children further develop and fine tune the four swimming strokes whilst beginning to swim lengths and gain more deep water confidence. Our focus is further development of front crawl breathing technique, continue development of backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.

In the later improver's groups swimmers begin to learn diving and correct turns including tumble turns. At the end of our improver's programme children will be able to swim all four strokes, dive, and have an understanding of turns. Classes Include: Development of all four swimming strokes Starts / Diving and Turns Progression to length swimming Swimmers for improver's groups should be able to swim a minimum of 10m on both front and back and have a basic understanding of at least one other stroke. The swimmer should be water confident as tuition will in the main be from the poolside.

Squad swimming

Squad swimming is an exciting place for young swimmers to continue their swim training. Aimed at young swimmers who are looking to keep fit, or continue their swimming towards becoming a competitive swimmer, or simply learn some basic life saving skills this group offers the link between swimming lessons and moving onto specialised clubs.

Our focus within Squad swimming is to continue the development of all four strokes, starts and turns whilst introducing our swimmers to a wide range of other activities such as life saving, survival, and increasing our swimmers fitness levels. At the end of our squad swimming swimmers will be able to swim a minimum of 400m+, understand and be able to swim all four competitive strokes. Use correct starts and turns relating to the strokes, and have a clear understanding of other activities, and perhaps even move on to become an Olympic swimmer.



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