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We are a independent family run craft workshop centre & local craft gift shop based at Kersey Mill near Hadleigh, Ipswich in Suffolk .  Here at Glass & Craft we offer a wide range of fun craft activities for all ages to get creative with in our 2 dedicated workshop areas.

We currently have 8 main crafts available to get creative with in our 2 dedicated craft workshop areas:

  • Glass Painting - Paint your own unique glass from a wide range of pre-painted design templates and glassware. Choose from designs such as poppies and lilies, football and cupcakes, popular children’s cartoon characters.
  • Decopatch - Try your hand at the 3D decorative craft of Decopatch. Decopatch involves tearing brightly colourful paper into small sections and sticking it on to a range of 3D animals and figures using special decopatch glue.
  • Ceramic Painting - Choose from a wide range of pre-glazed ceramics to hand paint from money boxes to egg cups, mugs to ceramic tiles. For the younger ones why not try our NEW hand print plates and mugs.
  • Bear Building Fun - Stuff your chosen fluffy bear friend by hand and then add in your fabric heart, don’t forget to make a wish! We also have a nice selection clothing which can even decorated using our special fabric pens.
  • Fun with Wood - Use our fast drying acrylic paints to decorate wooden items such as animals, figures, clocks and much more. Just like many of our crafts your wooden item can be taken away on the same day.
  • Choco Pop Card Craft - Create your very own unique greetings card using a wide range of craft items such as pompoms, stickers, glitter glue and much more. They add in your chosen chocolate lolly to finish it off!
  • Fabric Fun - Use the special fabric pens to decorate fabric items such as aprons, hats, pencil cases key rings and t-shirts. We even have a selection of pre-outlined items with your favourite cartoon characters on for you to colour in.
  • Hama Beads - A classic loved by all ages! Choose a peg board along with a choice of 16 different coloured beads. Let us iron your creation and turn it in to a key ring, fridge magnet or just have it free standing.
Childrens Parties

Here at Glass & Craft we have lots of different children’s party options and can build up a package an the type of crafts your child would like to get creative with. Our children’s parties are great fun for all ages and always include at least 2 crafts. All our party packages include

  • Party sweet cone for each child
  • Design your own party bag for each child (time permitting)
  • latex helium balloon for each child
  • Party hat for each child
  • Professionally printed or downloadable Party invites to hand out
  • unlimited drinks (blackcurrant or orange squash)
  • Professional printed Invites



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