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Being smaller than most nurseries with 20 places for children from birth to 5years, at Gingerbread we aim to provide a warm and caring atmosphere by a constant familiar core of professional staff where children will feel safe, happy and valued. On this basis we aim to support and encourage children to develop to their full potential in a fun and stimulating environment.

Being a small, privately owned nursery we have the flexibility to easily make any changes to our childcare service in order to accommodate and meet the needs of parents/carers and children therefore giving each child the attention they deserve.

We have 7 staff of which the majority are level 3 or above and we currently have two apprentices working towards their level 3. We have a pretty garden to play in and a productive vegetable garden, which the children take great pride in. This doubles up as a mud kitchen when it has been dug up!

The children and staff often visit various places in the local community, i.e.  the local park, parade of shops, beach and the library. These visits develop the child’s sense of the community around them, and enable staff to promote language, number skills etc, through conversations about their surroundings.


Our opening hours are 8am to 6pm which can split into morning and afternoon sessions if required. If you would like to come and have a look, just call and speak to Sarah, the Manager or Mai – her Deputy to arrange a visit. We will be very happy to show you around.


We believe that it is imperative to offer a home-from-home environment for the children, encouraging their interaction and social skills through stimulated play. The first few years of a child’s life are very important and we aim to offer them the best start possible.


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