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There are many reasons why a child might be able to do better or may even  be struggling at school. It could be that they lack focus, motivation or confidence, there could be some emotional issue that’s holding them back – or they may have simply fallen behind and are finding it difficult to get back to where they were. Every parent wants their child to do better so whatever the reason, if your child isn’t getting the results you know they can achieve, private tuition can help your child improve in lessons and at exam time.


We educate rather than coach

When children are actively engaged, they start to enjoy learning again. We encourage them to ask questions, strike up dialogue and exchange ideas. We support, motivate and challenge and this helps them overcome academic problems, achieve their potential and start to get the results they deserve.


Assess, Develop, Progress

First, we assess your child’s needs and abilities
Every child has a comprehensive consultation and assessment before they start. This gives us insight into their background, and an understanding of their interests and abilities. There are many reasons why some children struggle with certain subjects so the more we know about your child, the more effective our help can be.

Then we develop a programme of personalised tuition
Your child is unique and will learn at his or her paces. We achieve the results we do because we mould our tuition around your child’s needs. And because the groups we teach are so small, we’re able to give individual support whenever it’s needed whilst using group work to get them motivated to learn.

Your child’s progress fed back to you - every week
Following your session we’ll talk to you about what your child has learned, listen to your views and discuss how we can develop in the weeks to come. Most education professionals know that learning is better if parents are involved in their children’s development and regular feedback is invaluable for you, your child and us.

We provide personalised tuition designed to get the most out of your child. We offer an initial in-depth consultation and assessment as well as ongoing feedback so that we can tailor each session to your child’s needs and abilities to ensure they achieve their goals.

You can expect your tutor to work to challenge, encourage, support and motivate your child– and this approach means that we can expect to see academic progress every week


We are OFSTED registered - read our registration certificate.


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